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About Us

We are your one-stop for all things Tantra. Here at LiveTantra, we carefully invite in teachers and curate content, so that you know that you are receiving reliable guidance from trustworthy, well-trained tantra teachers. 

This space is for the global community of people who want to integrate tantra into their everyday lives.

Why You Should Join Us

This is a space to come and meet others on the path with you. Share your questions and challenges, solutions and successes with one another. As well, you can read many articles on all sorts of topics in Tantra, and you can design your feed only to show what you are interested in.

This will remain and clear and uncluttered space where you can tune into the Tantra vibe, without being distracted by political arguments, unwanted ads or cute kitten videos! When you come to LiveTantra, you come to immerse yourself into living tantra...

A Big Thanks

For choosing Love, for that is what this is all about! 

And thank you for choosing the journey into your own authenticity, from where you can relate to others. This is not always an easy task, but it is always rewarding.

We thank you for entering into this online portal with an open heart, treating other members with respect, pausing before replying and staying as conscious as possible with all that you do here.

This is what is means to truly Live Tantra.